Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Get ready to scrub!

I'm not sure what took me so long.  I finally came up with a nice scrubby soap.  Customers have been asking for years...for a gardeners bar, for a mechanics bar, for something to scrub feet...etc.

I think I've come up with something that fits the bill for all these uses.  It's aptly named "Brimstone" because this thing will scrub the skin right off the devil himself.  I've loaded it with red clay and bamboo charcoal, and lots of pumice of various grit size.  The essential oil blend helps with cleaning too: eucalyptus, pine and lemongrass.

I've been having my mechanic friends try it out with great results. And I use it after I make soap.  Making soap can be a very dirty job and I sometimes end up with oil and clays all over my hands.  I also have a veggie garden, I'm a no-gloves kind of gardener which means that dirt really gets embedded.  Using "Brimstone" and then slathering on my shea butter balm (coming soon), my hands are baby soft and ultra clean.

This photo is the test batch so it's a bit rough looking, the final version will be similar just a prettier.  On sale in July 2011!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shave and a hair cut?

Ok...I can't help you with the hair cut part, but shaving?  Got you covered!

Last year I carried a nice men's shaving soap.  The reason I stopped carrying it is because I was having a hard time finding a decent brush to go with the soap, and I really want my customers to be happy. I'm thrilled to report that the search for a good brush is finally over!  I recently purchased some badger hair brushes (SO much better than those cheap boar bristle brushes that shed).

Father's day 2011 will be the relaunch of my shaving soap PLUS a good starter brush.  We will also sell the soap without a brush, for those who just want to restock their shaving mug.

About the soap...it's scented with a cooling blend of menthol and eucalyptus and I've added a touch of spice (clove and cinnamon).  It's also got clay and Irish moss for "slip" so you get that extra smooth finish.  This year, I've added beer to the recipe (hey, this IS a guy's soap), plus it adds to the lather.

So ditch those cans of shaving foam/gel and go for something more natural.  You'll also be doing our landfills a favor since our soap is wrapped in biodegradable paper.  Look for the soap to be available on our website about a week before Father's day.  We'll also carry it at our farmers markets.

We love Dad!